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Tips to Finding Great Rentals in Kahala

Tips to Finding Great Kahala Rentals

Finding great rentals in Kahala can be challenging due to limited inventory and high demand. But if you’re patient, you’ll find your place in the sun. Here’s a few tips to getting a great deal closed:

Seek an Annual Lease Term
One Year leases are typically the most preferred by landlords. As a tenant, annual leases also help guarantee that you don’t have to worry about moving or rate increases for at least a year. Most annual leases convert to month-to-month rental but a savvy tenant might secure a rental extension for a fixed period to lock in a current lease rate. Rents have increased steadily in recent years so it’s smart to lock in current rates for as long as possible.
Clarify What’s Included
Be sure to ask if any limitations or exemptions exist such as the term “all utilities” which may be subject to limitations. Also make sure to inquire who’s name utilities will be under. For example, for cable TV, internet and phone services, you’ll want to know who is able to call for technical support, make upgrades or order on-demand services. Ask about pool service and yard service, typically these are covered by the landlord but it is best to have this in writing.
Complete an Application Ahead of Time
When you view a property, it pays to have your documentation completed before arriving. If you like the property, provide your application to the landlord on the spot and ask when a decision will be made. Unit rental is not always first-come, first-serve so be prepared to wait for a response.
Provide as Much Documentation as Possible
The limited supply of rental units in Kahala means that landlords can be picky in who they choose to rent to. Thus it pays to make it easy for them to make a decision in your favor. Having proof of income, bank statements and credit score immediately available will incentivize the landlord to move you to the front of the pack. Letters of recommendation from your previous landlord(s) will also be very helpful along with their contact number(s).
Finding Great Rentals in Kahala is Not Easy
Kahala rental inventory is low and demand high, so be sure to put your best foot forward. Dress the part, arrive on time and treat the viewing as you would an interview. Landlords watch mannerisms and behavior as much as they review paperwork. Be sure to read the ad fully before making any requests, if the ad says “no pets” it is usually the instructions from the homeowner and the landlord can’t override this. Landlords like to make sure applicants have followed instructions both online in the advertisement as well as any given by email, so don’t skim or ignore what we write.
For more information on finding great rentals in Kahala, don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re agents that specialize in Kahala beach rentals. And if you know of anyone who might be interested in the tips above, please feel free to share this post with them.

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