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Thanks for visiting! is a short-term rentals and long-term rentals resource just for those interested in renting an apartment, condo or home on the island of Oahu. As a rental resource, we feature an array of rentals in popular and high-end neighborhoods. also features a proprietary real estate information service that aggregates key information well beyond what’s available in Multiple Listing Services. by Sandwich Isles Realty, Inc. was created by Sandwich Isles Realty Inc., an East Oahu realty company serving the island of Oahu since 1990. Over the years, Sandwich Isles Realty has had a high success rate among clientele and quickly expanded from real estate sales to management services. With our passion for service, understanding and anticipating our clients needs our company has come to deliver unrivaled service for sales and management. We are highly selective in property management representatives, assigning only the right agent to the right owner and property.

Leveraging Technology & Innovation

At and Sandwich Isles Realty, we’re committed to leveraging the best in technology and innovation to market and capture new leads, offering a wider range of ways to draw interest to our properties than most companies. By successfully leveraging technology, we have more time to focus on hands-on people-focused services which our owners and clients alike appreciate.

More About Us

Despite our technological reach, we consider ourselves a boutique realty specializing in key rental and for-purchase neighborhoods on the island of Oahu. We focus on being the market leader wherever we manage and rent properties. Even within our key active neighborhoods, we’re selective in taking on management or rental units. We also maintain offices and live nearby our key neighborhoods so we’re close by in case of emergencies. And as a boutique realty, we specialize in focusing on individuals rather than big corporations.

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