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Renting Homes in Kahala: Tips & Secrets

renting a home in Kahala
Renting homes in Kahala isn’t easy. Kahala is a small and exclusive community. It’s also one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Hawaii, so inventory is limited. Here’s a few tips to finding a rental home in Kahala:

Be Prepared to Pay More

Renting homes in Kahala can be pricey. As the “Beverly Hills” of Hawaii, you should be prepared to pay more. For those on a budget, we’re happy to direct you to a wide range of alternative neighborhoods. But for Kahala, if you have to ask, it’s likely not the place for you.

Pay Attention to Streets in Kahala

While all streets in Kahala are safe and prestigious addresses, some streets see a higher amount of traffic. Tour companies showing how the rich live, event traffic to the Kahala Resort and Waialae Country Club and occasional running and cycling races use several Kahala Streets including Kahala Avenue, Kealaolu Avenue, Kilauea Avenue and Hunakai Street. Keep this in mind if you have small children or elderly living with you.

Ask if Properties are Furnished

Kahala homes are popular with vacation renters, but many owners looking for long-term renters remove furnishings. If you find a property you’re interested in, make sure to inquire if it’s furnished or not. You might also ask what services are included when renting homes in Kahala such as exit cleaning.

Ask If Air Conditioning is Included

Kahala is tucked away behind Diamond Head Crater which means both exclusivity and sometimes still air. In combination with its slightly higher humidity due to a beachfront location, Kahala can get warm. Two cures for hot weather exist: Air conditioning and air movement. If you’re renting a home in Kahala, particularly in the summer months, you might clarify whether the home has air conditioning or trade-wind exposure.

Look Past Small “Deal Breakers” When Renting Homes In Kahala

As noted above, renting homes in Kahala isn’t easy as rental inventory is low. Homes also vary dramatically in size, amenities, beach access and views. So if you find a home that covers most of your wish list, you’re well advised to seriously consider it. Holding out for everything you might want may not be practical in the end.
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